Tuesday, 22 May 2007

The long and short of 'now'

It has been somewhile that I have published anything here. I can come up with many reasons for that, but the real reason is that I was just not in the mood. Writing for me is usually an intense experience. I mull, I think, I go over a sentence again and again, and just like making a sculpture- I tend to make it a laborious process. Not that I produce materspieces, but I like to make my writings well-rounded and polished - as I said, like a sculptor working on his masterpiece.

Well, today's awakening is dedicated to my dear friend Arun Uday. He works with a swanky company in Mumbai, and is a deal-maker. We exchanged some mails, and I discovered that he blogss quite regularly. I think every 4th day or so.

He writes about what he does. So his blogs are (very justifiably) business oriented, MBA like, and have strong corporate overtones. I think that is superb-next time he needs a job, all he needs to do is send across his blog link to the employers. They'll go flat.

I wonder if I should ever do that with my blog. With the kind of stuff I write here, I would be helping other candidates get selected, and very fast.

Anyway, let me tell you about Mr. Uday. He is easily one of the brainiest people I have met. M.tech from Indian Institute of Science, and MBA from Indian School of Business (a qualification that we share). Works now in private equity, and looks corporate.
He was usually found in yellow sweatshirt, and brown baggy corduroys. As it is with brainos, he was duly confused as well. It took him exactly 20 meters walk from the examination hall to realise that he had committed some kind of grave insanity in the exam. Loud 'SHIT!!!!!!!' was usually followed by wild gesticulations, that almost always culminated in hitting his forehead with his hand.

Then, almost as ritual, we'd accompany him to the living room of our apartment, where Vijay (another roomy) and Sai (another one) would rave and rant at him. Vijay would break into hysterical laughter, replete with expletives; Sai would endlessely giggle; and I would wait for Arun to go supine on the sofa set (I think it was a freudian response - Mom! take me unto your fold!), whence he'd take keep on repeating his Mantra - 'How could I do that!!!, Bloody shit!!'
Short of running 10km away (which he once decided) from ISB, he used to calm down and then get stressed about the next day's exam. This was followed by 'guys, I am going to sleep' (usually at 8 pm).
After all this, our man used to get good marks.

Quite a chap, I must say. he also went and bought for himself a biege suit, cream shirt when the going got tough during placements. Now you can see him sporting a black corporate suit on his blog.
Anyway, so after this mail exchanged, I thought I should indulge in some activity. That is why this entry.

Just to add: I have been keeping extremely busy of sorts. I like to spend all my time with my son, who is cynosure of everything for me. Apart from it, office kept me busy, and I was quite stressed about my last golf game, where I screwed up the first nine.
But aced the back ones, with a solid birdie on the 16th Par 4.

I think I will also go Arun's way and create a corporate blog of sorts, and display my corporate feathers in all their resplendent colors.
I will include that in my CV.