Thursday, 1 January 2009

First day of a new year

Today is January 1, 2009. The new year has arrived, and with it comes the hope that this will be a better year than the last one. Hope is what makes the world spin, but under the current circumstances the world over, there is a lot more to worry about than the world spinning or not.
Be that as it may, and I am not going to write a lot on current economic circumstances (gulf news does that dutifully everyday - much to my disgust), I wish that this new year brings peace more than anything else, to all of us.
i did not mean the kind of peace that comes about after an atomic war - just plain simple peace that pervades a contented world.
I know I am asking for too much. But then, I have always asked for too much, and have hoped that I get too much. 

We went out today for a drive to Ai Ain, but took a detour into the desert where sahasraditya, anamika, philomena and myself slid on dunes. Sahasraditya is turning into a riot, and refused to leave the dunes and come back to the car. Somehow we extricated him and got him into the car.
We thought of going to dubai mall, but saw a mile long queue of cars trying to get into the mall. That changed our mind - nothing changes mind like a traffic problem.
Took a huge u trun and headed back home. Then decided that the three of us-Man, woman, and child - will go to Second cup. Riot was with us and he made sure that everything was turned upside down while we had coffee.
headed back home, and I cooked roasted potatoes, and Anamika made soup.
And that is what I am going to have now.

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