Monday, 29 December 2008

120 kmph

Yesterday was one of the better days in my life. I cannot say the best – there are many – but better...yes...definitely.

I went to Abu Dhabi to see Anil. I must admit that I was not in a good mood - as soon as I woke up and saw the paper, I knew I not happy. The front page was splashed with gory scenes of people killed in air attack by Israel on Gaza Strip. That set the tone of the day.

As soon as I reached for the business section – I wish I had not done that. ‘Banks tightening credit further’ greeted my eyes, and I had no intention to go any further on that news, especially with one of my mortgages still undecided.

My mood became as grey as the weather outside. Pulling myself away from the newspaper, I decided that I had had enough. Went for a bath, did my pooja with a heavy heart, and decided that I could not stay home. Called Anil, and set out for the drive.

While driving the mood did not lift, and many thoughts started crossing my mind – to do with the job, investments, moving houses, loans, assets, and many things. You know, bad mood is like a magnet – it starts attracting all bad thoughts and shuns anything that can help you become better. The weather did not improve either.

While all this was happening, I just looked at the car I was driving – an Audi A4. it was not mine, but a replacement car from Anamika’s company. I got the tank full from a gas station close by, and that too was company’s account. I had got this car as a replacement as our car had gone for service – Nasir from Anamika’s company had taken it.

As I looked around me, I realized how easy it is to get bogged down by issues and to forget all the good things that a part and parcel of my life. This car for example – I was driving it without a worry about the fuel or the fact that for many people I know, there is no such facility. When there car goes for service they have to leave it at the service centre, pay for it, hire a car or hope for catching a taxi (yes, the word is ‘hope’ when one talks of getting a taxi in Dubai), pay for all that, and pay for the fuel (of course), and then repeat the whole process when you have to collect your car.

And here I was, driving away to meet Anil, without any hint of inconvenience that comes with giving your car for service. How could I possibly feel bad about life and world around me? Agreed everyone has right to sulk sometimes, but I could hide from the fact that I am in much better position than many! Small things in life also matter, and it is no secret that being mobile is a great hygiene factor.

These thoughts crossed my mind, and the veil of bad mood starting lifting with impressive speed. I noticed, quite poetically, that the sun had started shining, and the world around me took on a sharp, crisp morning hue, replete with vivid colors that come with a crisp morning yet soft morning sun in winters. I could not resist that I was in a much better place than many, and honestly speaking, apart from the fact that I was Anamiks and Sahasraditya (who are in Nagpur), there is nothing greatly wrong with my world, and that God has been and still is kind to me. I had the right to feel a little low to start-up, but definitely not qualify for depressed mood!

Moreover, I have one of my best friends an hour drive away. How many people have that kind of luxury in life? I had a spate of bad mood, and all I had to do was decide to go and meet Anil. How many people can do that? So what was I really complaining about?

The car sped away at 120 (pretty standard on that highway so don’t panic please), tearing through the black road and through the slight mist, and I started feeling a sense of renewed spirit seeping through the ac vents and into me. I did try to suppress the good feeling, but only to test whether or not it was for real. But the answer came back a resounding yes. I did not bother much, and left my bad mood and all the depressing thoughts far behind me.

It is easy to do that at 120 kmph you know.

Thank God.


Footnote: Anil and I saw Ghajini and talked a lot about things in general. The latter was responsible for why it was one of my better days.

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