Monday, 29 December 2008

A New Plot?

I don’t usually write twice in a day (I save for the next post as that makes my blog look more filled and more regular)

However, I would like to write about my dream here, as succinctly as possible. This is because I dreamt that I got a plot on which to base my book. Sounds very strange, but it is true.

I dreamt that I am being told to write a book that is set in distant future, may be four or five hundred years in the future. The deal is that all of us a controlled by a central group, which makes sure that we are never out of line by injecting us with a ‘vaccination’ that is nothing but a chip in liquid form. Once this chip is vaccinated into us, we are in direct control of the central group or the Order. The whole story takes a turn when my protagonist discovers this truth, and then sets out to destroy the Order.


I am going soft in the head.

But it is a good plot!



  1. I have been away for holidays so just read all his blogs at one go.. i think Dhiraj should write about being a hands on father. It is fun both being a bystander and participant in the process.

  2. I think I read a comic (Mike Nomad, Indrajal) on a similar plot way back. Only the chips are installed by a super AI, and Mike and his GF are the only ones who haven't complied, yet. Read 1984 recently, and it made me think of the same comic.