Friday, 26 December 2008


I am back. Limelight, shine upon me. Now!

The much awaited return has happened. I have to blame Anamika for that. She is my better half, and better reader still. I am told that I write well and that I should continue writing. I am also told that I am quite funny.

I take that fully in my stride. While one is humble, and would want to shun all kinds of fame, one has to give in to popular demand, and take on roles that require oneself to do that come with fame and popularity, all the while enduring the pain of being in public eye, hiding from paparazzi, living in perpetual limelight, and..alas, becoming famous. What to do, such are the demands of being a (famous) writer.

Having said that, I know that one day writing will become my profession. It is the final escapade that I long for, when all will be paid by the publisher, and my ego gets relentless massage in the act of knowing that scores of people yearn to read my books. What a day will that be!!!

Imagine, all that I write would be lapped up by readers without hesitation. In fact, they'd be queuing up in lines on weekends to get their hands on my latest. My musings will be revered - hotly debated on internet, fan clubs will sprout all over the place, I will be thronged by media, a function here, a function there, cameras blowing out their flashes on me, prizes galore, bank overflowing with royalties...!

And I would be sitting in my porch, atop a hill, overlooking the green valley soaked with the golden afternoon hue of a benign sun. The cool air would pass by, and whisper the song of the mountains in my ear. The clouds would play idly with the sunlight, taking on its redness on the front, while hiding their greyness behind. I would have the august company of my favorite singer, the cricket, but I would not be able to see it – just hear the lovely songs that it comes out with. The mountain tops would recede into the skies – slowly and gradually, and far away in the misty horizon, a star would peep out, marking its attendance.

And I would have no worries sitting there, day after day. Because my books would be selling, and I would be a celebrated author, just getting his usual dose of creativity.

That day would come.

Today's the start.

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